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[Joint Project] 1Boice International

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G’day Aussie Boice

We are pleased to announce that we have joined the project proposed by CNBLUESTORM for Boice day. 4 years ago on April 23, the name Boice is officially given to CNBLUE fans.

To return our love to the boys and show the unity of Boice, Boice clubs around the world have come together and celebrate this special day via a good cause.

Aussie Boice have shown your passion towards CNBLUE during the two Blue Moon concerts. Therefore, we sincerely invite you all to participate in this project.

Most of you would know about CNBLUE School. We have recently donated using funds collected since the Aussie leg of Blue Moon concerts to KFHI, the charity organisation that manages CNBLUE School and FNC School. A post confirming our donation have just been posted not long ago.

The 1Boice International project would be donating to KFHI who handles funds for the schools. We hereby sincerely ask for all Aussie Boice to donate generously, it doesn’t matter if it is ten dollars or gold coin donation.

Please direct your donation to our Paypal account

Deadline – 20 April 2014

Please support and show what Aussie Boice is made of!!! And!!! We have some freebies for lucky donors!!!!

For announcement by CNBLUESTORM, please refer to

Thank You.




Welcome to AussieBOICE! The 1st fanpage for CNBLUEaustralia.

We are curious on how many AussieBOICE are there here in Australia, hence we are opening membership application, so please do check our ‘Aussie BOICE‘ page.

We also need a few helping hands to make this fan group as awesome as possible. At the moment, we are looking for graphic designer, updater – news, videos and photos. If you would like to be part of the team, please email us at

We will be making support projects and helping local BOICEs to get a ‘piece’ of CNBLUE – CD, DVD and merchandise that is 🙂

I hope this can be a place for AussieBOICE to call home, sharing and spreading the CNBLUE love around. Who knows if we have a significant number of members, we might be able to convince FNC to make a full CNBLUE concert here in down under 😛 *fingers cross*

Look around the site and don’t forget to sign up to become a member.

G’day & Have fun.

Donation to FNC School by AussieBoice 2013

During our last support project during Blue Moon Australia that happened a while ago, some of you would have donated and dedicated part of the donation towards the CNBLUE School donation fund. Although participation was not great, we have managed to make a donation to the charity. The Aussie Boice admins are kind enough to top up the donation to a rounded $500. The image below shows the acknowledgement email.

For your info, CNBLUE School project has been discontinued and currently have FNC School being built instead. We hope all Aussie Boice would continue to support our fan projects in the future. Hopefully CNBLUE will  come back to Australia this year and we will aim to make it more fabulous than before! With thanks ~




CNBLUE 5th Mini Album CAN’T STOP

CNBLUE is releasing their 5th Korean mini album titled CAN’T STOP on 24th Feb 2014.

Together with Media Asia, we are opening a pre-order just for aussie boice member to purchase the album for $20 including poster.

The album can be picked up at Media Asia store in Sydney / Melbourne.

Deadline for the order is 20th Feb (Thursday 5pm) and payment by 21st Feb (Friday 5pm).

The album sales will contribute towards CNBLUE Hanteo sales.

To order please fill in this form:

Let’s support the boys comeback!!

Aussie Boice Admin.

BLUEMOON in Australia – Support Project

BLUEMOON in Australia - Support Project

2013 CNBLUE WORLD TOUR BLUE MOON CONCERT IN SYDNEY – Support Project by Aussie Boice

-> Click the images below for the announcement about the Sydney’s concert support project ^^


[UPDATE] Aussie Boice Facebook Group & Mini Competition

Hi all,

We’re happy to announce that we have a Facebook group for Aussie Boice to spazz!!!


We hope this facebook group can be a place for Aussie Boice to share information about CNBLUE, a place to spazz and also a place to get to know Aussie Boice around you.

I hope you all can be active in the group, come by to say hello at least 🙂
The group is currently closed for public, but feel free to add your boice friend to the group as well.
There is no restriction on what to post, so start posting away ^^ (Thanks to Helen for making the group in the first place)

Another thing, we have a mini competition for you all.

We have been wanting to change our blog banner and hoping that you can help us.
  • The banner should be 960×200 pixels in dimension.
  • unique, with a touch of Aussie and has to have cnblue images either clear, vague or chibi.
  • Do not use fan photos which are prohibited from editing!!

Sent us your creation at and a small present shall await the chosen one, as a token of our appreciation 🙂

Due date is 6th of Jan 2012.

That’s it from us for now.
Thank you for all your support for CNBLUE AUSTRALIA and CNBLUE in 2011.
Looking forward to do more support with all of you in 2012.
We couldn’t have done it without all of you.
And lets all wish for CNBLUE to come to aussie again for our little new year wish :p

Have a merry jolly Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Enjoy your holiday ^^

Much love.


[GROUP ORDER] Japanese 2nd Single “Where You Are”

We are organising bulk CD purchase for CNBLUE Japanese 2nd single release “Where You Are” first press release.

The retail price is $30

The release date is February 1st 2012.

The CD will be distributed via each cities ambies: Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane.

If you want to order through us, please email with the following details:

  • Email subject title: [Order] Where you are
  • Name:
  • City:
  • Email:
  • Quantity:

Due date: 15th December 2011
Payment due date: 25th December 2011



Group Order [2nd Album Release Live 392 @YOKOHAMA ARENA DVD]

Dear fellow BOICEs

We are organizing bulk CD purchase for CNBLUE’s YOKOHAMA ARENA CONCERT DVD.

The retail price is 2,700 yen.

The release date is 28 December. We will get them within a week as hmv sends out order via EMS.

The price is $30

The DVD will be distributed by each cities ambies:Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth

However, if you wish to purchase yourself, feel free to go to

If you wish to purchase either one of the above, please email us , with the following details.

Email subject title : YOKOHAMA ARENA CONCERT DVD


Due date for order:   5 December 2011 11.59 AEST.

Due date for payment: 10 December 2011 11.59 AEST.


That’s it for now. Cheersssss




The KPOP Music Festival has been successfully held at the ANZ Stadium on the 12 November.

It has been an amazing experience to see the boys performed. I am sure for those who have attended had a blast at the concert too! For those who missed out this concert, there are plenty of fancams out there already, one thing for sure: BOICE or non-BOICE, they love CNBLUE!

I attended the rehearsal on Friday and they nailed it. Yonghwa and Jonghyun’s voice were in perfect condition. They were the only group where fans were yelling out CNBLUE CNBLUE CNBLUE CNBLUE, and of course, plenty of Jung Yong Hwa !, Jong Hyun!, Min Hyuk!, Jung shin!. At the concert day, as we were distributing out CNBLUE postcards, we were amazed by the amount of people who actually are interested in CNBLUE as the cards were like, gone in 60 seconds! (Thanks Jess >.<) The cheer for the boys during their performance was beyond unbelievable! They received much love from other fan groups. /proud!

We have also successfully completed our support project by putting up the banner and handed over the gifts. Special thanks to Saturn who helped us with the official merchandise,  Niki of Jk Entertainment who facilitated this and also to Helen and her TVXQ Australia team. And finally! To all the BOICE who contributed to the support fund (ps. Anna who is currently in the US), without you all, this will not be possible, so Thank You! Big hug to Fen from Taiwan who created those cute chibi versions of CNBLUE, Jess, Winnie, Adrienne, Melody, Shan Shan, Yike and Helena who helped out putting the gifts together, banner, transportation and execution!

Something that warm our hearts:

  1. Quote: reply from Niki of Jk Ent [Yes I brought them to their manager and he handed to them 🙂 I think they were very gracious with your gifts. Thank You]
  2. gif – ending cam: looks like Yonghwa spotted our banner.  >.< (shazza – I’m 99% confident after looking it on my camera!)

Regarding the gifts, our aim is to give them something useful, practical, and beneficial. We’re planning for 2nd anniversary gifts too so, feel free to drop us an email if you have anything in mind. A post on that will be out soon.


written by shazz83L & reviewed by lovely blue_jus7 ^^



Fancams: (more to come)